On this page you will get some information about me. It is no longer a secret that I like cats ;-). But I am interested in other things, too. I do some sports (walking, fitness). I like reading, going out, meeting friends, cuddling my pets. And I am a Fan of Soccer. Beside of this I spent (to) much time in front of this machine here to feed our pet blog ( and to work on my project all around the stick cat Kittycat ( and And I have a husband, a daughter, but no longer living with me, several pets and an interesting job. You see, it's never boaring :-).

Now the photos that have to be here.


That's me

Tinka and Lucky

Here you can see my cats Tinka, Lucky and Ginny


This my husband André. His site isöln


My daughter Madita

Now you are knowing a lot about me, who wants to know more, please send an Email.